Every day the Internet becomes a little more important to your company’s future. Your web site represents you around the world In just milliseconds, prospects judge you by your web site. Is it current? Is it well-written? Does it offer the services you want?

It pays to hire a good designer. We’ve learned that over the years. Thousands of people rushed into the net with homegrown web sites. Most of their efforts did not stand the test of time.

Image is so important, and impressions are made so quickly on the web. Invest 8 hours in a designer’s time, and you can get three design concepts that can last. Pick the direction you like, and have a template made. A template that you can use and expand for years.

Once you have a template and a family of images, you can evolve and increase your stature on the web.

We recommend high-reliability hosting, connectivity and outsourcing solutions, with superior support services, for businesses that rely on the Internet for daily operation.

We use second-generation hosting facilities designed from the ground up for enterprise-class managed services with N+2 fault tolerant features.