Accidents: Sept. 21: Two potato trucks collided;

Sept. 22: 体育彩票365aqqA vehicle rollover involving two people was reported;

Sept. 23: 体育彩票365aqqA Nevis Twp. caller reported a school bus hit and killed their dog.

Sept. 25: A two-vehicle accident was reported;

Sept. 26:体育彩票365aqq A County 40 caller reported a car flipped over in front of her house, the lights were on but no one was around, and caller said she heard another vehicle stop and take off; A multiple vehicle accident was reported in which one vehicle rolled over.

Animal Related: Sept. 21: 体育彩票365aqqA squad vehicle hit a deer; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported a vehicle vs. deer collision in which there were no injuries, the deer was off the roadway and a tow was en route for the disabled vehicle; A Guthrie Twp. reported a neighbor’s pigs were trespassing in caller’s yard, an ongoing issue;

Sept. 23: A car hit a deer, causing airbags to deploy.

Sept. 24:体育彩票365aqq A Helga Twp. caller reported a black and white cow in the ditch;

Sept. 25:体育彩票365aqq A caller reported 6-8 cows out of the pasture in the ditch; A large dog or possibly a wolf was reported deceased in the middle of the roadway;

Sept. 26: An officer stopped to deal with a horse and a donkey who were out of the pasture in the ditch on U.S. Hwy. 71;

Sept. 27: A cow was reported out of the pasture in the ditch; A caller complained about people shooting ducks in the Schoolcraft Game Refuge; A County 4 caller reported missing an 8-month-old brown and brack mixed-breed dog with a purple collar and no tags; A 185th Ave. caller found a black lab on the road and wanted a deputy to pick it up; A 299th Ave. caller reported a cow escaped into the woods and was missing.

Assaults/Harassment: Sept. 21: A 210th St. caller requested officer advice regarding an invasion of privacy; A 110th St. caller reported threats received via phone; A probation agent suspected that a person he is supervising may be the victim of a domestic assault;

Sept. 22: A 331st Ave. caller reported threats received via Facebook; A County 97 caller reported an assault that occurred on Sept. 19;

Sept. 23: 体育彩票365aqqA Laporte caller complained about a neighbor out in the yard, calling caller and his wife nasty names.

Sept. 24:体育彩票365aqq A Laporte area caller reported receiving disturbing Facebook requests; A 179th Ave. caller reported receiving harassing phone calls;

Sept. 25:体育彩票365aqq A 122nd St. caller reported her son was upset and threw her walker outside and broke it, and was now in his bedroom screaming at his girlfriend;

Sept. 26:体育彩票365aqq A caller reported harassment;

Sept. 27: A Laporte caller reported a physical domestic, saying the male ran out of the house; A Nevis Twp. caller said she has a protection order against her neighbor, and her neighbor hung a tarp on her property; A third-party caller reported a possible violation of an order for protection during child custody exchanges on County 39; A Nevis Twp. caller reported a neighbor placed a video camera pointed directly at caller’s residence; A caller said a male came back to her residence after parenting time, passed her on the roadway and made a rude gesture at her, possibly violating an order for protection.

Burglaries/Theft: Sept. 22: 体育彩票365aqqA caller reported a male going through mailboxes;

Sept. 23: 体育彩票365aqqA Henrietta Twp. caller reported a social security scam call and felt the scammers knew a lot about him; An Akeley Twp. caller reported a possible scam call from Best Buy saying she owed them money; U.S. Hwy. 34 caller reported a political sign was stolen Sept. 20; A Laporte caller reported a Mercury took off with caller’s keys and phone, northbound on State Hwy. 200.

Sept. 24: A 149th Ave. caller received a suspected scam voicemail claiming that $299 was going to be removed from his bank account if he didn’t call back; A 275th Ave. caller suspected a pop-up on their computer to be a scam; Multiple burglar alarms were activated at a Helga Twp. residence; A burglar alarm was tripped in Nevis;

Sept. 25: A County 39 caller reported the theft of political signs off their driveway;

Sept. 26: A County 33 caller reported his vehicle was stolen, adding that it was not registered in his name but he bought it a couple months ago.

Fires: Sept. 25: A Becker County caller reported an ATV on fire at a gravel pit near a remote wooded area, with no injuries;

Sept. 27:体育彩票365aqq A Farden Twp. caller reported a mini-camper on fire with no one inside.

Medical: Sept. 21: 体育彩票365aqqAn ambulance was requested on 480th St. for a female having an allergic reaction;

Sept. 23: An ambulance was requested on 299th Ave. for a 94-year-old male who was very sick and having trouble breathing.

Sept. 24: An ambulance was requested at the Becker County line for a 66-year-old male who fell, possibly on Sept. 20, and was in pain and unable to get to his front door, which was locked;

Sept. 25: An ambulance was requested on County 40 for a 90-year-old female who felt like she was going to vomit; An ambulance was requested on County 95 for a male with a cast on his leg who fell and couldn’t get up; An ambulance was requested in Laporte for a male experiencing severe back pain and difficulty breathing;

Sept. 26: An ambulance was requested in Hubbard Twp. for a 78-year-old male with pneumonia who was having difficulty breathing; An ambulance was requested on County 95 for a broken left knee due to a fall on Sept. 25; An ambulance was requested on County 4 for a male with diabetic issues; An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a male described as highly intoxicated, fidgeting and spazzing;

Sept. 27: An ambulance was requested in Steamboat River Twp. for a 74-year-old male who dislocated his hip; A medical alarm was activated at a County 89 residence and alarm company could not contact the subscriber; An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a female who severed her finger; A lift assist was requested in Nevis Twp.; An ambulance was requested on County 9 for possible low blood sugar and eye trouble.

Miscellaneous: Sept. 21: A Lakeport Twp. landlord reported issues with a former tenant failing to retrieve property; An anonymous caller on 309th Ave. reported an intoxicated neighbor being loud;

Sept. 22: A 470th St. caller reported loud music, calling it an ongoing problem, and requested a welfare check on the children living at the residence; A K-9 officer assisted in a vehicle search; A Park Rapids caller reported two suspicious persons loading a four-wheeler into a pickup; A Lake Emma Twp. caller reported a boat with “a ton of lights on it” lit up the shorelines during the night; A Hubbard Twp. caller reported an old aluminum fishing boat upside down, 2/3 of the way across the lake from his residence; A lost iPhone 10 was reported;

Sept. 23: A Menahga caller complained about a male violating a trespass order, and caller said Menahga officer wouldn’t do anything because suspect lives in Hubbard County; A bus driver reported a gun with a scope lying on the shoulder of the road; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller wanted to report multiple issues with his father, potentially regarding property, guns and a four-wheeler; A caller wanted help retrieving property from a County 97 residence; A caller reported illegal dumping of windows and trash; An officer checked out a couple vehicles at a lake access; A County 9 caller heard a vehicle crash into his mailbox and found the mailbox down the road; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported a suspicious car pulled into the driveway with its lights off, and caller was concerned about neighbor’s garage sale items and Trump signs.

Sept. 24: A Lakeport Twp. caller reported suspicious activity at a neighbor’s house; A Park Rapids area caller reported damage to storage buildings, looking like someone ran into one of them; A caller who had been unable to reach his parents for a week in Crow Wing Lake Twp. suspect “something was going on” and said there was a disturbance;

Sept. 25:体育彩票365aqq Officer assist was requested for a female waving people down on the side of a highway; A 390th St. caller asked to speak to a deputy about a property dispute with his neighbor; A 480th St. caller reported their political sign and a neighbor’s sign were run over, possibly by a four-wheeler;

Sept. 26:体育彩票365aqq A County 39 caller complained about persons in a boat on Garfield Lake shooting guns; A Farden Twp. caller complained about neighbors shooting guns; A County 13 caller complained about a mother denying a father parenting time; A 480th St. caller reported political signs being run over and followed the offenders to their residence;

Sept. 27: A Park Rapids caller was suspicious about two vehicles parked after hours; An Akeley caller reported her son, who is under 21 years old, was provided alcoholic beverages by an adult on Sept. 26; A County 93 caller reported issues with his neighbors being on his property; A County 39 caller reported a male trespassed on his property; A County 39 caller complained about her neighbor trespassing all the time.

Traffic: Sept. 21: A semi with trailer was reported swerving over the center line and fog line; A caller inquired about the rules for driving a four-wheeler in the county’s ditches and trails at this time of year; A boat was stopped; A vehicle was reported swerving and almost rear-ending another vehicle;

Sept. 22: 体育彩票365aqqA vehicle was reported passing in no-passing zones; A boater was warned or cited for carrying no throwable flotation aid; Two boaters were warned for carrying no fire extinguisher; A road rage incident was reported; A 470th St. caller reported a vehicle almost hit his neighbors while they were walking;

Sept. 23: A caller reported being passed by a big truck Sept. 22 in a no-passing zone on State Hwy. 87; A Mitsubishi Eclipse with no plates was stopped.

Sept. 25: A County 23 caller complained about logging trucks speeding past caller’s residence and jake braking early in the morning; Two boaters were warned for carrying no horn or whistle; A boater was warned for carrying no fire extinguisher; A boater was warned for carrying no throwable flotation aid; A caller reported ATVs tearing up the roadway, an ongoing issue; A Chevy S-10 was reported swerving all over the road on State Hwy. 64;

Sept. 26:体育彩票365aqq A 500th St. caller complained about four-wheelers racing up and down the street at night; A caller complained about vehicles racing, last seen northbound on U.S. Hwy. 71; An officer stopped to assist a motorist; Motorist assist was requested;

Sept. 27:体育彩票365aqq A mattress in the roadway was reported.